Meditation Tips

There are many different types of meditation that can bring calmness to the practitioner and in our age of information overload, this can pose a problem because few people choose to master…read more

Yin Yoga

Most forms of what we in the West refer to as yoga are dynamic, active practices designed to actively work the muscular aspect of our body, otherwise known as the yang tissues. Yin Yoga has us working…read more

Massage Therapy

Time Line Therapy

Time Line Therapy® techniques allow freedom from undesired negative emotions; such as fear, anger, sadness and anxiety by releasing these emotions from the memories that harvest them. You are then able to react freely to future…read more

Somato Emotional Release

That is not as unusual as you might think. Even when Craniosacral Therapy releases restrictions in body tissues, sometimes a release of emotional energy is necessary to fully…read more

Craniosacral Therapy

Attention is directed to alleviating any obstacles to free movement by the cerebrospinal fluid within its membrane compartment and to normalizing and balancing perceived related energy fields…read more