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Restorative yoga

What is Restorative Yoga?

In Restorative Yoga, the body is fully supported to help it naturally relax, release deeply held tensions. Restorative yoga is one of the many types of yoga that focuses on non-doing, effortlessness and ease, utilising well-placed blankets, bolsters, yoga straps, and other props to be able to safely support the body in various restorative yoga postures. This process promotes a natural state of balance, replenishment, and healing rest.

During the process of restorative yoga, the person will learn several restorative postures that are complemented with gentle stretching, breathing and meditation. Each individual will learn and feel the benefits of restorative yoga on the body, mind and its other effect on the organs and of the nervous system.

Rick will guide you through the process of letting go so you can fully restore your body heart and mind to a relaxed natural healing state.