Top 5 Meditation Tips to Achieve Calmness

There are many different types of meditation that can bring calmness to the practitioner and in our age of information overload, this can pose a problem because few people choose to master one and instead, bounce around and do not get the result they are looking for and in the end, wind up disappointed and say meditation doesn’t work for them.

Here are five examples:

  1. Transcendental meditation, made popular in the 60’s.
  2. Today’s popular Healthy Mindfulness meditation.
  3. Hi’olani: Meditation on the Light.
  4. Hakalau: Waking Meditation of the Kahuna.
  5. Higher Self Meditation.

The last three are from Hawai’i and the ones that I have been trained in and I have also been initiated as what is known as a L’au Kahea, in Hawai’i.

Choose what feels right for you and master it.